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Alastair Cox Associates Ltd  2 Ireton Close Belper Derbyshire England DE56 0SQ  T: +44 (0)7985 286 787 Skype: Alastair-L-Cox  E: alc@ac-associates.co.uk


Hockey was one of the first sports to recognise the benefits of playing on synthetic turf surfaces and they have been used at the elite level of the game since 1976. To ensure these new forms of playing surface met the sport’s requirements the International Hockey Federation (FIH) became the first governing body to establish performance standards to define the playing and safety characteristics considered necessary for elite level and community hockey

Alastair Cox has worked at FIH accredited laboratories for over 18 years and was appointed as facilities advisor to the FIH in 2012.  Now employed (on a part time basis) as the FIH’s Facilities Manager he has responsibility for the FIH’s performance standards for synthetic turf pitches, the licensing of approved manufacturers, the accreditation of test institutes and the provision of facilities advice (surfacing, construction, irrigation and lighting) to member associations, and tournament organising committees.